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Are your relationships falling apart? Have your dreams been placed in storage? Are you drowning in debt and need a lifeline?  Are you wondering why on earth you exist?

If so, you are not alone! Join over 100 women, who are committed to living their best life ever – Saturday, March 17, in the beautiful city of Rialto California for our 5th annual women’s conference, “A Queen Fit for The King.” featuring ~ Radio Personality “Brandi Lania” International Speaker & Author RJ Jackson~ The Courage Giver and our signature  Men’s Panel.

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Al Pacino, JT Foxx, Will Smith, and RJ Jackson The Courage Giver – Our Take on Branding

After attending a branding event in Los Angeles, California, meeting new people from varies parts of the world,  this amazing article by journalist/photographer Solidarity Smith showed up in my email. If you were unable to attend the branding event, this well written descriptive article will pretty much place you at the sense. It is a through overview of what you missed and why you might consider attending a future JT Foxx event.

Enjoy the article. The highlighted section, well that the proof in the pudding that I was there. A special thank you to Solidarity Smith for including me in the article. I was surprise and I am honored.   One more thing before you read the article – Here’s a little #Courisk  for you:  Have the courage to get out of your comfort zone. You never know who you will meet!

I was recently at an event with Al Pacino, who in an intimate setting shares the stage and his ideas on “Building a Brand ” with business entrepreneurs and rising stars from all over the world.  It’s necessary says Al when speaking on his numerous life experiences and the battles that he overcame during his long history in the film industry to stay grounded, it’s easy to lose yourself when you reach a certain plateau, when you accumulate finances, when the fun times and parties engulfs the mind;  stay grounded;  through experience, the relationships with my ex-wife, daughter  and friends that I lost early in my career because I was not there were hard to recover.

“I know now that my children and work keeps me grounded”Anthony Loli a Real Estate Mogul from New York echoed Pacino sentiments and shares a timeless nugget.  “losing fights is part of the process and an intricate part of your growth when branding any business. I learned that it is very important to coach the people around me, they are the ones that love me, so, they do not want to see me hurt, by doing this, they won’t discourage me but support.”Pacino goes on to say when preparing for any role in life, “Repetition makes me green” I will be at home, and while my children are running around the house, I’ll be writing my part of the script over and over, sometimes reinventing the character to Brand it right!!!

“It’s important to find your passion,” says RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver.  She’s a renowned Author, Personal Development Coach and International Women’s Event Speaker.  “If you have passion, although there are many in your field of practice, passion will excel and catapult you , even past those who are considered experts. Continue to be creative and understand your niche. Surround yourself with the right people and when the voice of courage tells you to move while everyone around you says don’t move – move without hesitation. Building your brand is not without risk.”


Indeed, says Pacino. You are as good as the risk you take. If you see the handwriting on the wall go for it, if it’s connected to you and you feel passionate about it “Do it” but, if it comes from someone else then you may want to refrain.  I’ve done about six films that I paid for myself, I was told not to do it, I should have listened he jokes, but, I needed to do them, and as I look back on them, although many may not agree, for me, they are good films and I’m happy with my work.

Marwan Granville CEO & Founder of Pendulum Studios understands all too well and agrees with Pacino when it comes to developing and creating content that you can stamp as a viable reflection of yourself.  Through an observing lens Marwan exclaims, I am always working on my brand, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. In a room full of powerhouses, I’ll share with Al Pacino, just as I share with the quiet unknown lady in the back of the room who looks unassuming but turns out to be someone I can use on my projects. There’s no respecter of person, we are all relevant.

Al agrees with Marwan that people are important to your success and to have intimate settings like these where everyone engage and share their experiences are therapeutic. You never know what people are going through, here’s some advice for hard working people he says. “When in a rut go somewhere else and do something else it changes perspectives and its refreshing”.

This hit home for Penny Chohaili Owner of First Search a SEO Company out of New Zealand who shared a similar story of unplugging, sacrifice and risk in order to build a better brand.  She now has one of the fastest growing companies and know that it’s important to establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with people, so being on stage with Al Pacino, traveling and sharing her product knowledge keeps the zeal needed to stay on top of her craft.

There are so few gems as Al Pacino whose career in acting spans more than fifty years. His accolades are numerous ranging from an Oscar, Emmy, Two Tony’s, a Golden Globe  and so on.  He is dubbed the “Triple Crown of Acting”.

Anyone can reflect on their favorite Pacino film and what it means to them personally because there are so many to choose from. Artistically he would say he’s grateful for the freedom he has been given to go into his imagination.  Reflectively, he says God and family, as he shares a thought from a good friend of his.  “Memories and Imagination is a form of survival, so regret nothing.  This is a grasp on reality when all else is failing” so don’t worry about me.  Humbly, he says “You the People are the best of all, so when dealing with one another, let your points be honest and sensitive but not cruel.  If any foreshadowing can be done to disarms and set expectations, it never hurts, this was a very effective tool for him in acting.”

Written by Solidarity Smith for Gazingstock Images

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Just a Reminder – Jesus Loves You!

A Reminder from RJ Jackson The Courage Giver Jesus Loves You!

Christian Conference Speaker RJ Jackson The Courage Giver reminds you that Jesus Loves You! He has not forgotten about you! Your life matters.  Do not Loose Hope.  Keep up your courage and  stay blessed indeed! #takeheart